Jewelry craftsman tools
"We are pleased how focused GUT works to get the best results for its customers." Beatriz da Silva (Customer)

Our promises

Quality and customer satisfaction come first at our company. We have a huge variety of tools and parts in stock, because our first priority is to satisfy our customers.


We have chosen the best manufacturers in Europe so that we can offer top-quality products to the market in Latin America. Our partners share our promise to our customers, and our customers benefit from the finest tools, parts and precious watch wristbands. And if a customer needs a rare tool or one that is hard to find, we will find, acquire, and deliver it.

Fast delivery

Fast delivery is part of our customer promise. The first step towards achieving this goal is our large stock of about 3,000 items, which makes it possible for us to respond immediately to our customers’ requests. We usually pack and ship parcels with Brazilian Express services on the day of order. After just 2-3 days, the customer will have it on his work bench.

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