Tools for watches
“I am proud that I was able to become the No. 1 deliverer within such a short amount of time. Today, the top companies in Brazil rely on us.” Rodrigo Santarelli, CEO

The Company

What started as a small family business has become the top company in its industry.

GUT is a family business, just as many of our customers are fine family businesses. In 2002, Rodrigo Santarelli joined his father’s small company, which mainly delivered tools to watchmakers. Rodrigo immediately recognized the potential to grow the business, since very often a single craftsman makes both watches and jewelry. More importantly, Rodrigo knew right away that he could offer better quality and faster delivery.

From Europe to Brazil

Just a few years later, Rodrigo travelled to Europe to find the best manufacturers for tools and parts and found the best ways to import them to Brazil. He had a vision from the very beginning: to become the No.1 supplier in Latin America. In 2006 Rodrigo launched GUT Sao Paulo with his new business model. Today, his vision has become reality. Tools, watch parts and wristbands for watches are Rodrigo’s métier and the young entrepreneur is at the center of a thriving business.

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